•   Tuesday, 29 Nov, 2022
UK helps Ukraine in cyber war and Russian banker defies Putin

UK helps Ukraine in cyber war and Russian banker defies Putin

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Scheduled blackouts will continue to manage power demand, the city's mayor, Vitaliy Klitschko, said.

He also announced that 1,000 heating points would be set up for people to seek shelter from the cold during winter, in expectation of more power outages over the next few months.

The latest strikes followed an attack on Russia's Black Sea fleet in Crimea which Russia blames on Ukraine, although Kyiv has not commented.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin said Monday's strikes were partly in response to the Crimea attack. However, Moscow has been targeting Ukrainian infrastructure since before the Crimea attack took place.

Details have emerged about a secret UK programme to defend Ukraine against Russian cyber-attacks.

The £6m ($6.9m) package had been kept under wraps until now to protect operational security, officials say.

Ukraine has been subjected to unprecedented attacks from a range of Russian intelligence services, according to those involved in the programme.

"We've seen on a daily basis now the terrible images of the way that the electrical grid in Ukraine has been battered by ballistic strikes and drone strikes from the Russians - they face the same threat and same challenge in the cyber domain," UK Europe Minister Leo Docherty told the BBC.

Russia repeatedly denies claims it has carried out cyber attacks.

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