•   Monday, 11 Dec, 2023
Achini Jayasinghe Asia awards Aroma Bliss Ceylon

Achini Jayasinghe has bagged Asia's Outstanding Women Role Model Award

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I am honored to have received this award and would like to take this opportunity to thank the Chamber of Asia Awards, while congratulating all the other winners on their success. It has been a journey of hard work and failures before we managed to reach this milestone, both as a person and as a company.

Aroma Bliss Ceylon was founded in 2017 with the key objective of creating a brand based within Sri Lanka, manufacturing a line of natural skincare products which are of excellent quality and very affordable at the same time. The brand was initially launched when natural skincare was still a novelty. We started off with a few skincare essentials, for which we handpicked each and every ingredient to ensure its quality. Once the brand was open for business on Facebook, customers were thoroughly impressed with having a quality, locally made, affordable product as an alternative to what is already available in the market. Soon, Aroma Bliss Ceylon grew into having an extended customer base, with customers returning each time. Today, within just three years of launching the brand, Aroma Bliss Ceylon stands with a Facebook and Instagram community close to 120,000. The growth within the last few years has been tremendous.

Even with delays and economic challenges due to the pandemic, Aroma Bliss Ceylon managed to open up its first outlet in Nugegoda in August 2020 and in less than an year, three other showrooms were opened in Negombo, Colombo 03 and Colombo 07, making our products more convenient and accessible to customers. The product range has now expanded, covering all the essentials of skin and hair care. At Aroma Bliss Ceylon, we believe that having a proper skincare routine is the key to healthy skin. Therefore, utmost care has been taken to ensure the quality of the products, made with handpicked, natural ingredients and free of harsh chemicals, paraben, sulfate and Mercury. We promote natural skin lightening and maintaining one’s natural skin and our team is always ready to help customers pick out the most suitable products for their skin.

Our products come with a luxurious packaging, mostly in glass containers, with the intention of being environment-friendly and supporting sustainable growth. To support this cause, although some of the products such as shower gels and hair care come in plastic bottles as a precautionary measure, they can be returned back to our outlets for recycling. A great amount of time and effort is put into developing each product, which ensures the quality, from choosing the ingredients to designing the unique packaging. There have been several attempts of creating counterfeit products in names very similar, sometimes even using a part of the Aroma Bliss Ceylon Brand name. We have always educated our customers and stakeholders and kept them aware as to why Aroma Bliss Ceylon products are desired over others.

Aroma Bliss Ceylon continues to grow and is on an amazing journey of creating a community who believes in natural skin wellness. It is greatly rewarding to see it reaching greater heights. I am proud of what I have achieved, balancing both my family duties as a mother and  being the founder of my own brand.

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