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Yoga expert on early morning rituals to reduce stress and boost happiness

Yoga expert on early morning rituals to reduce stress and boost happiness

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Morning is the time to start with a clean slate and set the tone for the entire day. Starting on a stressful note could often mean a day spent in a mess, while a relaxed and well-regimented morning could ensure not only a smooth but a happy day. In short, morning is the best time to prevent burnout and stress from accumulating to unmanageable levels and planning a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Depending on what your goals are and what makes you truly happy, you can follow some morning rituals to keep your stress at bay and feel content throughout the day. 

Grand Master Akshar says starting your day on a calm note, preferably with a smile, feeling gratitude for all that you have, focussing on your health and fitness and keeping negative thoughts at bay are some of the things that will give your day a perfect start.

Here are some morning rituals suggested by Grand Master Akshar that you can follow every morning:

Start your day with a smile

The second that your eyes open in the morning are you smiling in happy anticipation of the day or do you already have a frown on your face. It is important that you wake up feeling happy and grateful for being alive on this beautiful planet. Gratitude opens a lot of doors and when you start your day with a sense of being thankful then this will naturally allow for more opportunities to flow your way.

Do yoga, meditation and pranayama

There is a reason why we must pay more attention to our well being. This is simply because all the money in the world no matter what anyone says will not and cannot bring you happiness. Invest wisely in spending your time on things that will improve your health. Practice the holistic science of yoga by starting your day with simple breathing techniques, meditation, and Surya namaskar practice. Not only will a healthy body lead to a healthy mind for better enjoyment of this life but it also gives you immense peace within yourself.

Eat nutritious food

What you eat has a major influence not only on your body but also on your mental well-being. Healthy food like fruits, vegetables, and fresh home cooked meals will give you a sense of contentment and delight you nutritionally. What is good for your body is also good for your mind. When you nourish your body with healthy food then you are also nourishing your mind with positive thoughts and emotions. Eating too many sugary treats leads to further craving which can then be almost addictive causing damage to your health. This is why anything that is good for your body and mind will also feed your soul so you must always think about feeding your soul and then consume your meal.

Plan for the day ahead

Order and discipline are always good company especially when it comes to streamlining your professional or personal life. Do not start the day on an anxious note. If you have a lot on your plate then it may be the reason to make you feel overwhelmed or stressed out. To combat this all you need to do is to sit down for a few minutes each morning and create a schedule or checklist of things to complete for the day. Meditating on your breath briefly even for as little as 5 to 10 minutes can help you to gain clarity. When you are clear in the mind about how to go about your tasks then it also helps you to become a better decision maker.

Avoid negative thoughts about people and situations

Only through experience will you understand that true power lies in controlling your own actions or behaviour. It is next to impossible for us to manipulate people or situations in a way that is favourable to us. If we do come across fortunate circumstances then simply express your gratitude and try to make the most of the opportunity. On the other hand, if you feel that people around you or the situation that you are in is holding you back then you must stay away as far as you can from this. Be in the company of those who lift you up, encourage and motivate you to achieve bigger and greater things.

Morning exercises


Set aside at least 10 to 15 minutes of your time every morning to do simple breathing techniques like an Anulom Vilom, Kapal Bhati and Bhastrika Pranayama.

You can also include meditation techniques like Shwas Dhyan, Aarambh Dhyan or even Sthiti Dhyan. Starting your day with awareness on your breath will let you regulate your reactions and responses to people and circumstances in a calm manner.

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