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Waduge Kanishka Chaturanga Fernando Has Won Asia's Content Creator Excellence Award

Waduge Kanishka Chaturanga Fernando Has Won Asia's Content Creator Excellence Award

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I am Waduge Kanishka Chaturanga Fernando, born on October 20th, 1992, and hailing from the vibrant town of Panadura, Sri Lanka. My educational journey commenced at Leeds International School, Panadura, where I laid the groundwork for my future pursuits.

Driven by a profound passion for innovation and technology, I pursued a Mechatronics Engineering (BEng (Hons)) degree to broaden my horizons and refine my skills. Equipped with a solid academic background, I embarked on a dynamic career path, starting as a management trainee at Abans and later excelling as a Manager at London Antiaging. My experiences as a management trainee at Abans provided invaluable insights into the corporate world. My role as a Manager at London Antiaging allowed me to hone my leadership skills and significantly contributed to the company's success.

My determination and entrepreneurial spirit drove me to establish my venture, Perfect Studios. My journey into the creative and entrepreneurial world was inspired by a training program offered by a non-governmental organization that ignited my passion for photography and videography.

I started my YouTube channel, "Suwa Manasa," because I saw many families in Sri Lanka struggling to live happy lives despite having access to resources. This realization became clear to me after I met Dr. Kamal S. Jayasekara and learned about the impact of knowledge restrictions on happiness. His insights and discussions were transformative, and they inspired me to start my channel to help others live happier lives.

At Perfect Studios, I found my calling in crafting visual narratives that resonate deeply with audiences, capturing not just moments but emotions as well. "Suwa Manasa" became a platform for delivering invaluable insights into family dynamics and relationships tailored for Sri Lankan audiences.

In the future, I envision expanding the reach of "Suwa Manasa" to international audiences by providing content in multiple languages. I aim to promote healthy family relationships and lifestyles globally, promoting unity and fostering understanding across borders.

Through Perfect Studios, my team and I are committed to crafting experiences that transcend ordinary expectations, fueled by meticulous research and a dedication to excellence. Our portfolio of work captivates hearts and minds alike, leaving a lasting impact on our audience.

My contributions to the community through "Suwa Manasa" have been recognized with the prestigious Content Creator Excellence Award by the Asia Awards powered by World Research Congress, where I was honored as the best content creator in Asia, a testament to my efforts in leveraging digital media for positive social impact and cultural enrichment.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Asia Awards powered by the World Research Congress for presenting such esteemed awards. This recognition honors individuals and organizations and plays a pivotal role in fostering growth and excellence within our industry.

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