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Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou has bagged Asia's Best Coach Award in Mental Health

Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou has bagged Asia's Best Coach Award in Mental Health

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Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou is an award winning, certified mental health professional, writer, entrepreneur and CEO of one of the leading private psychology centers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, MentCouch International Sdn Bhd.

As an integrative therapist, she possesses a solid foundation in a wide variety of theoretical approaches and over time has developed her own way of working as a result. Tanjina specializes in positive psychology methods, resilience training, behavior analysis, cognitive reframing, expressive writing, mindfulness based therapies and has been actively advocating mental health and well-being for the past 4 years worldwide.

Tanjina is an empathic and warm individual who loves travelling and spends most of her time doing researches. She has been featured in several prestigious platforms like FORBES, COSMOPOLITAN, The New Indian Express etc. where she spoke about mental wellness, financial independence and Acceptance. Tanjina is the brainchild behind the introduction of Wellbeing Screening and VR Therapy primarily for relaxation in Malaysia and has actively advocated making Mental Health Screenings accessible and affordable.

As an expat, her contributions to the Malaysian Mental Health Sector are immense and noteworthy. She has also been listed among the “Successful people in Malaysia” by BritishPedia in 2023 and conferred with the "Best HealthCare Entrepreneur by Women Icon Awards” in the same year.

Few Words from Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou:

“I truly believe that my job as a therapist is to assist you on your journey towards wholeness. So I work closely with you in an ongoing partnership to help you identify your areas of improvement or to simply help you relax. This partnership consists of the expertise I have as a Mental Health Professional, and the expertise you have on yourself. Therapy is the space to be real and honest about your life. Hence, I love working collaboratively to support my clients in discovering new perspectives, practicing life enhancing or positive growth skills, and developing a deeper understanding of who they are. This very goal has led me to become an empathetic entrepreneur with the aim of making psychological consultations easily accessible to all and I see myself working towards this very cause in the long run”

It is an honor for me to be nominated in not one but two noteworthy categories which are Asia's Best Coach Award in Mental Health and Asia’s CEO of the Year Award. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Asia awards powered by World Research Congress for an opportunity of this magnitude. I am earnestly grateful for the recognition I have received for my work, because I am very sure that every other nominee for these awards are as capable if not more, of winning this award. I sincerely thank Asia Awards for for giving me the opportunity where I can proudly hold up an award as a mark of my achievement.


-Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou

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