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Steven Spielberg who criticised people for carbon footprint burns $116k worth of jet fuel in two mon

Steven Spielberg who criticised people for carbon footprint burns $116k worth of jet fuel in two months

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A flight tracking database reveals that American film director Steven Spielberg's private plane has flown nearly 17,000 miles and consumed more than $116,000 in fuel over the past two months.

Data from ADS-B Exchange shows that the film director and climate change activist's aircraft has used at least $116,159 in jet fuel in 16 trips since June 23. 

As a result, the aircraft has released at least 179 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the past two months. Despite his efforts to combat climate change, Spielberg's emissions are high, coming in at about 11 times those of the typical American consumer.

The revelations come at a time when a number of other well-known celebrities are being investigated for high emissions.

Since the database didn't calculate fuel and distance metrics for at least three trips made by Spielberg's jet, the numbers are probably an underestimate.

Spielberg, on the other hand, has previously said that he was "terrified" by global warming and that he "ripped people who go blithely through life" without considering their impact on the environment."

In one of its more than a dozen journeys, Spielberg's jet flew 3,589 miles on June 29 from Westhampton, New York, to Amsterdam, Netherlands, consuming $21,183 in fuel and producing 32 tonnes of carbon dioxide. 

After that, the aircraft flew to Rotterdam, Netherlands, before landing back in Westhampton on July 1, using up an additional 38 tonnes of carbon dioxide and another $24,685 in fuel.

In recent weeks, Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, and Drake have come under fire over claims that they frequently fly on private planes with high carbon dioxide emissions for brief distances.

Swift completed at least 170 flights since January and released more than 8,290 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, making her the biggest celebrity polluter according to a report created by Yard, a digital marketing firm based in the UK. 

Swift's jet is frequently lent out to others, so the figures can't be entirely attributed to her, a Swift spokesperson told the Washington Post.

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