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Senthil Kumar Selvarasu has bagged Asia's Top Rated Expert Hairstylist of the Year Award

Senthil Kumar Selvarasu has bagged Asia's Top Rated Expert Hairstylist of the Year Award

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Hi I’m Senthil Kumar Selvarasu.I was born in a small village called Vellalangadu,Peravurani@Thanjavur,Tamilnadu . I have been brought up from a small family. As a elder one, it makes me more stronger and dedicated towards my passion. My inspiration was my late grandfather@ Mr.Shanmugam.

After school, I always help my grandfather to sell all the fruits he grows. That’s where my desire to venture into business began. From the countryside I try to brought myself to the city named Karnataka to explore in the field of Hairstylist because I had identified my interest in that field. From there I have learned the basics and ins and out technics of hairstylist and furthermore I wanted to expand my knowledge at the international level, therefore I have set foot into Malaysia to learn more and gain more experience.

And now I’m happily married here in Malaysia and I opened my own business and I’m the founder and operator of RK HAIRSTYLIST @ located at one of the best city in Malaysia called Johor Bahru. As the founder&operator of RK HAIRSTYLIST Malaysia who experienced more than 18 years in this industry , my mission is to continually provide exceptional hairstylist services in a unique way and sharpen the next line of future upcoming Master Hairstylist.


For the encouragement and token of appreciation I’m very happy I have been nominated for Asia’s Outstanding Achievement Award and won with the title ‘The Asia’s Top Rated Expert Hairstylist Award of the year 2023’ and I’m very proud and grateful to receiving this award and really thankful to the Respected Asia Award Committee Members.

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