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Sankalp Shende Has bagged Asia's Inspiring Personality and Young Achiever Award

Sankalp Shende Has bagged Asia's Inspiring Personality and Young Achiever Award

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"First of all, I would like to thanks ASIA Awards for giving me such an honor. I consider myself fortunate awarded by 'RULA Awards', Asia's No.1 Excellence 'ASIA Awards' powered by 'World Research Congress'."

Next he said "It's my privilege to announce that my hard work, dedication about goals & commitment to excellence have been recognized with the title of;

  • 'Asia's Role Model of the Year Award' 
  • 'Asia's Most promising Winemaker & Outstanding Researcher Award In Wine Making'
  • 'Asia's Inspiring Personality & Young Achiever Award'
  • 'Asia's Innovative Knowledge Sourcer Award in Wine Making'

All this awards are wonderful honor for me and one of the best achievement of my life which is the best out of the best and celebrate excellence in this industry & make history” Sankalp Said.

The cult of the winemaker has seen a spectacular surge in the wine industry; its less popular counterpart, the celebrity winemaker, has attracted enough attention to establish top wines, business consultation & developments, and expansion of wineries across the globe. When this circumstance arises, "Winemakers Sankalp SHENDE" is the only name that comes to mind.

The Œnologist – A Winemaker, fascinating story of a young fellow ‘Sankalp S SHENDE’ the master & expert in Wines & Winery Business, is here today with a special insider’s look into how he strives every day to achieve his mission of creating quality vintage wines and business development using his extra ordinary qualities to the world.

We Proudly said, Sankalp is the Asia’s First Certified Winemaker Awarded by ‘Google’ for Current World’s Business High Tech Professionals and he is the First recognized qualified Oenologist (Winemaker) from North-Eastern Region of Maharashtra called ‘Vidarbha’.

Sankalp born in the depths of the Indian culture, whose passion for wine led him to the very epicenter of the wine world & experience spanning many World-Famous Wine Regions, Countries & many Continents. He is the 2nd Generation wine enthusiast and gratified to share his 14+Years professional progressive working overseas experience as an Oenologist & Scientist-Researcher to discover with a glass in hand and having a wonderful experience from numerous Old and New Wine World;

  • Bordeaux, Burgundy, Côte-d’Or, France (most famous wine regions & luxuries wines in the world)
  • Napa-California, USA (The Valley World Famous Wine Growing Region & is considered one of the premier wine regions in the world)
  • South Australia, Australia (one of the world’s largest exporters of wine which is 625 million litres in 2021-22, valued at $2.1 billion (FOB)      

Nepal’s vineyard is at the world's highest elevation and only one biggest premium, high quality wines producers ft 2,750m/9,000. He dedicated & carefully focused to creating wine reflective of true craft and care, ensuring all factors from top quality superior wines with company development.

He is still counting with his unbeatable wine journey to surprises the world..!

Sankalp is a successful and brilliant winemaker. His wines and work reflect the innovation, inventiveness, and research that run through his blood. His key of success is his workaholism, his dedication about goals, development, passion, and unstoppable research’s pattern.

Sankalp’s tremendous strong knowledge of problems to find long-term solutions and is passionate about scientific research. He is an expert at strategies, market research, future plans, customer demands, impending problem solving, and always has a can-do attitude, so his engagement in the effort to establish world-class wines and businesses was a natural fit.

How did you get into wine-making?

“A celebration inspires and I shapes the wine world” – Sankalp

I used to enjoy trying out various beers, but I wasn't a huge fan of hard liquor. During this journey, I was exposed to the wonder called ‘Wine’ which enhanced my fascination with being a part of the wonderful wine industry.

As my fascination developed, I fell in love not just with the bouquet of wine, but also with the science & fascinating stories behind it. Then I began learning about and tasting various wines, as well as attending various events and wine festivals, where I stumbled across numerous wines & realized that a truly spectacular glass of wine could take your breath away. 

Since I had already developed a fascination for wines, I wanted to pursue this further as a career option to reveal the mysteries of the wine world. I took a deep interest in learning the journey of a fruit from its origin to its ending up in an exotic wine bottle.

I was surprised when I saw the label of a Wine bottle. It was quite impressive to see, ‘Wine itself telling its fascinating story through a label’ which I have not seen with any other liquor or Beer label in my life. Understanding a Wine Bottle Label further drove me to understand & puzzle out the difference in how wine production is regulated throughout the world. As you learn about different regions, you find out the type of grapes that grow there and how they vary. The most distinctive characteristic of wine is based on the type of grape(s) used in it. The second most important distinction is the region, which specifically will relate to the flavor of the grapes.

Weather and soil have dramatic effects on how grapes are produced. The processes used to create and label wine are also influenced by the geography, particularly in the old world. After these factors, come the winery and vintage. However, these characteristics are constantly juxtaposed. Bad weather can make a bad vintage, which can have more of an adverse impact than any other quality. Although very exceptional winemakers can regularly create wines of the highest caliber, there will inevitably be variances in quality caused by variables beyond of their control.

Which educational endeavours have you undertaken to improve your position in this special and unique sector?

Education & Personality development is not just something you get in school or college, but in reality education comes from a variety of sources, including parental education, life's ups and downs, failures, and other challenges. But when it comes to my profession, I am fortunate to have access to the top institutions for developing my expertise. As in the list is ‘PGD in Fermentation, Distillery, and Wine Technology from Gargi Agriculture Research and Training Institute’ Nashik, which is ‘Asia’s First Wine, Brewing and Alcohol Technology College’ where I was able to hone my oenological and business development talents.

My passion for working with foreign firms to understand the Old-New wine world, new technology, business strategies, and culture has chosen to move to the next level after five years of fulfilling employment all over India in the wine industry.

As a result, I got selected in 2017 for a highly regarded educational programme at IPC, a division of the Bordeaux Gironde Chamber of Commerce, the third-oldest and one that was created in France in 1705. 70,000 business owners in the industry, service, and trade sectors have their interests represented by it. From the most renowned and unrivalled wine region in the world, Bordeaux, France, Their, I began my career with a "Masters in International Wine and Spirits Business Management." which is in highly qualified business, administrative, and technical abilities in the wine and spirits (Vins et Spiritueux) industry.

What is your style of work & wine-making? 

I always preferred to make Organic Wine made by Organic Grapes. My signature wine-making style is very popular, sophisticated, very pure wine choice that’s beloved by many as a mix of world experiences that I've had from different countries, such as French, Californian (USA), Australian, Indian, etc. 

From picking environmentally friendly practices, the appropriate harvesting seasons, soils, handpicked high-quality grapes, prompt winemaking procedures, bottling solutions, and development of business while ensuring that they meet all relevant requirements – Sankalp shared it all! 

Gaining brand recognition for winemakers, as I always say, is a sign of a growing sector, but grape growers also play a significant part in the creation of every successful brand. If the vineyard and grapes were of the highest grade, wine would be fantastic. In order to express my appreciation and my thanks to all farmers—not just those who grow grapes, but all farmers, as we are all indirectly related to one another—they give their all while battling the unpredictable nature each year and producing the greatest quality.

What aspect of your personality do your wines reflect?

The Seven secrets of my successful top luxurious wines made all over the world are "Goal oriented, Dedication, Research, Analyzing, Experiments, Continue Learning & Keeping Yourself Up to Date with your profession". You’re up to celebrate any occasion. I care deeply about what my consumers think.

What is, for you, the best, most interesting part of your job? 

First and foremost, of all I will say, this is not a work or job for me, it’s my hobby and passion which feels me happy and fulfill of my life hence I don’t have a day timeframe and even I don’t feel fatigued while doing this.  This is the most interesting aspect of my life, and I can do it all day long. They compensate me for my passion even though others refer to it as a job.  – Sankalp said.

How has your job changed over the last 10 years? 

With new technologies, the job is evolving so swiftly. Develop new relationships and strengthen team dynamics. As well as we must adjust to an ever-changing market and customer expectations whether we are in the winery or the vineyard since we are both connected.

Both today's and tomorrow's wine drinkers have high standards. They are more "one shot" consumers who receive their knowledge and opinions from a variety of sources. Because of this, we must continually push ourselves to grow, which I find enjoyable.

In winemaking, what do you think is more important: tradition or innovation? 

“Today's tradition was created by yesterday's innovation, so of course successful winemaking or another field on earth should more of Innovation but mix with tradition.” Sankalp made a really accurate statement.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Life is similar to a Wine Journey from Vineyard to Glass; it’s not a quick and simple, but it’s a celebration of the wonderful romantic rhythm of wine - Sankalp Shende

The biggest obstacles of my life have not only been witnessed during my extensive, fruitful, and difficult career in wine, but they have also been placed in my path. Life could be fragile & unbelievably tough. But instead of running away from challenges, everyone can find their way out of it. 

My favorite aspect of the job is coming up with effective ideas to improve both wine quality and winery development with the help of the global wine vision. Improving control of the process from the vineyard to the winery through wine aging is, in my opinion, my biggest task. Each vintage represents his attempt to leave a unique mark that characterizes the wine.

The goal is to draw attention to qualities that make the wines noteworthy and reflect their country of origin. Each label reflects a different personality and profile, and each vintage honors the variety of each growing season. Striking for structure and balance is the only thing that always remains constant.

What lured you to come to Nepal after working in France, US, Australia?

First of all, we always attract the place where you feel the most pleasant, homely, the heavenly kingdom, as well as the most suitable for your product, such as land, crop, atmosphere, water quality, weather, etc so that you can make the best wine from the best quality of place, This is why I chose Nepal for my next adventure.

What is your life message to people?

The secret to success is having confidence in yourself.

  • Walk on your own path.
  • Don’t hesitate when you decided to act.
  • Discover what you've learned through doing.
  • You have to put in a lot of effort to achieve good things.
  • Be grateful for what you have and you are & be enthusiastic about what you want.
  • Don’t expect for spoon-feeding help. Don’t beg front of anyone means No-One, DO IT YOURSELF. Instead ask for strength to do it.
  • Problems never end, but there are solutions. Never give up trying to find the solution; if you keep looking, you will.
  • Never fail to try more and again.
  • Worth it, Make every moment count. 

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