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Rajeswary Gunasesaran Has bagged Asia's Outstanding Subject Matter Expert Award

Rajeswary Gunasesaran Has bagged Asia's Outstanding Subject Matter Expert Award

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A very good day and Selamat Sejahtera,

I am Rajeswary Gunasesaran, born and raised in Malaysia, Truly Asia. To be precise, I was born in Negeri Sembilan, one of the fourteen States in Malaysia, which is rich with its own history and diverse cultures. Malaysia is well known for its multiracialism and diversified cultures, and yet, we Malaysians live harmoniously with each other. In addition, Malaysian Hospitality is what we are well known for that reflecting the warmth of Malaysia's people, as well as the beauty of our national character and culture.

First and foremost, I would like to express my heartfelt thank you and gratitude to ASIA Awards powered by World Research Congress for the Asia Awards under the “Asia’s Expert Awards” category entitled “Asia’s Outstanding Subject Matter Expert Awards”. Another award  under the “Asia’s Innovative Awards” category entitled “Asia’s Innovative  Procurement Officer Award”. I would like to express my heartfelt thank you to United Research Council.

It is a great honor and a very auspicious moment indeed in receiving this award. This award is also an indication that women are getting more recognized around the world for their contributions in numerous fields.

My career started when I joined the civil service in 2009 as an Administrative and Diplomatic Officer. It is my dream to work with the government for I can serve the Malaysian people and my beloved country. Joining the civil service has its perks, for I have the opportunity to work in various ministries and fields such as environment, consumerism and healthcare. Currently, I work at Malacca General Hospital under the Ministry of Health as a Principal Assistant Director. Previously, I was made the Head of Procurement, Asset and Store Unit at Malacca State Health Department.

One of my greatest achievements since joining the service was during the global Covid-19 pandemic. During the height of the pandemic, I was tasked with managing the Covid?19 Quarantine and Low?Risk Treatment Centre (PKRCwhere I have the chance to show my leadership role during crisis management. Managing PKRC during a pandemic was not a walk in the park, but I turned that into a challenge and taught myself to produce innovative ideas and best practices in procurement and asset management. In addition, I am a certified procurement officer and also an expert in asset management. I also actively conduct talks on procurement and asset management to various government agencies in Malaysia.

Truth be told, I have endured obstacles during my journey in achieving what I have achieved today. My path in healthcare management was filled with lots of challenges, especially when the whole world was facing the deathly pandemic, but, this phase has become a turning point in my life for being an innovative and creative manager. Transforming the idea into a real output required a good deal of effort while managing the obstacles ahead. I was not alone though, for I have excellent colleagues who walked along with me and a supervisor who provided unconditional support to me. This has enabled me to overcome any problem and challenges that come, which turned into important milestones in my career and life.

All of you have made it possible for me to turn my dreams into reality. Knowing that I am surrounded by a solid support system enables me to face and overcome a problem, therefore, building my strength. In this life, nothing is impossible, therefore, dare yourself to be the change-maker.

I am also forever grateful to my great mentor and coach, Sir Muhabir bin Ibrahim for his unconditional encouragement and great support in finding my inner capability, the one who finds the diamond among the stone.

Last but not least, deepest gratitude to my husband, my family, my parents and my in-laws, who have put unconditional trust and faith in me, which became a constant energy booster for me.

What is the difference between dream and faith?

It is the distance between your thoughts and actions.

Malaysia is well known for its beautiful poetriesAnd as a Malaysian, I would like to end my note with a beautiful pantun in Malay Language: -

Di atas dahan burung tempua,

Melihat rusa tepi perigi,

Salam perpisahan untuk semua,

Lain masa bersua lagi.

Farewell and till we meet again!





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