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Murugesu Geethan Has bagged Asia's Dream Builder Award

Murugesu Geethan Has bagged Asia's Dream Builder Award

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Sagaa Construction has bagged Asia’s Dream Builders Award

It's clear that Sagaa Construction has a rich history and an impressive track record in the construction industry, spanning over two decades. Our journey from a sole proprietorship business in 2003 to becoming a market leader in home construction in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka has been remarkable.

It's impressive to hear about the diverse range of projects our organization has undertaken, from the Nilaveli Hospital administrative and Doctors’ Quarters building in Trincomalee to schools, housing,Hotels. The Uppuvei Beach hotel by DSK project was our benchmark hotel project. This variety showcases our adaptability and expertise across different types of construction projects, which is a testament to our team's capabilities. Our commitment to delivering high-quality work is evident through the word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied friends and clients.

Focusing on the home construction market in Sri Lanka and specializing in designing and planning homes according to our clients' preferences and budgets is a great niche to carve out. Our dedication to custom home construction and specially tailored plans showcases our attention to detail and client-centric approach.

Being recognized with the "Dream Builders Award" from the Asia Awards Powered by World Research Congress is a testament to our team's dedication and the excellence we bring to every project. Our commitment to professionalism, hard work, and client satisfaction has certainly paid off, positioning us alongside other esteemed companies in the Trincomalee.

The management of which is under the control of the sole proprietor of Mr. Murugesu Geethan. It's evident that Sagaa Construction has a well-structured operational approach that ensures efficient project management and high standards of cleanliness while keeping costs under control.

By directly managing the main operational functions of the organization, we're likely able to maintain a hands-on approach to project execution. This can lead to better coordination, timely decision-making, and effective communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Our operation manager and specially trained supervisors play a crucial role in overseeing specific aspects of the projects. Our expertise and training likely contribute to the overall quality and efficiency of our construction processes.

The fact that our team follows a well-defined time schedule showcases our commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering projects on time. This level of professionalism can significantly enhance client satisfaction and trust.

Moreover, our emphasis on not disrupting the day-to-day business of our clients demonstrates our understanding of our needs and our ability to work seamlessly within our operational contexts.

Maintaining a desired level of cleanliness is essential for construction projects, both for safety reasons and to present a professional image. Our ability to achieve this at a comparatively low cost reflects efficient resource management and cost-effective practices.

Overall, our operational approach seems to reflect a blend of expertise, client-focused practices, and efficient project management techniques, all of which contribute to the success and reputation of Sagaa Construction.


Our mission as "Dream Builders" reflects our dedication to turning our clients' dreams into reality. By continuing to provide high-quality service while prioritizing our clients' well-being, you're ensuring that Sagaa Construction remains a trusted and reliable choice in the home construction industry.

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