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Murugaiah Mahendraraj Has bagged Asia's Outstanding Performance Leadership Award

Murugaiah Mahendraraj Has bagged Asia's Outstanding Performance Leadership Award

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Murugiah Mahendraraj is an accomplished professional currently serving as the Executive Partner for the Northern Province at HNB Assurance PLC. His dedication and expertise have earned him the prestigious title of "Asia's Outstanding Performance Leadership" presented by the World Research Congress. With a profound commitment to his career, Mahendraraj has a diverse skill set that encompasses administrative duties, motivational team leadership, training promotion, analytical expertise, and computer literacy.

As an adept administrator, Mahendraraj excels in coordinating schedules and conducting meetings. His leadership abilities shine through as a team motivator and recruiter, contributing to his reputation as a skilled training promoter. His motivational knowledge and analytical skills play a pivotal role in driving success in his endeavors. Proficient in computer office automation and networking, Mahendraraj's computer skills are complemented by his problem-solving aptitude and strong communication and narrative abilities.

Mahendraraj's career objectives reflect his ambition to secure an executive management position that leverages his motivational and business development skills. He seeks to apply his talents in a growth-oriented, progressive environment, where innovative ideas are welcomed and commercial success is paramount.

Demonstrating versatility, Mahendraraj thrives both individually and as part of a team in competitive and dynamic settings. His leadership acumen extends to personnel management across different skill levels, showcasing his ability to steer teams toward shared goals. His dedication to task completion under pressure underscores his commitment to achieving objectives effectively.

A power user of Microsoft Office packages, Mahendraraj has honed his computer literacy, enabling him to navigate technology-driven tasks with ease. He has acquired professional qualifications such as completing Microsoft Office in 2003, passing the LCC Life Examination at the Sri Lanka Insurance Institute in 2006, and successfully obtaining a BTEC Level-7 Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership from the London Metropolitan University in July 2020.

His extensive work experience reveals a remarkable progression. Starting as an Insurance Advisor at HNB Assurance PLC in July 2004, Mahendraraj has secured promotions throughout his career, achieving roles such as Senior Advisor, Group Leader, Assistant Field Manager, and Assistant Group Field Manager. He later held significant positions in companies such as ALLIANZ Life Insurance Lanka Ltd, Janashakthi Insurance PLC, AIA Insurance Lanka PLC, and LOLC Life Assurance Ltd.

Mahendraraj's career is punctuated with special achievements, including Gold and Monthly Sales Recognition awards. Notably, he achieved the 2nd Runner-up in the Best Region Award in 2010 at Allianz Life Insurance and participated in prestigious events like the Japan Tokyo Kawai Memorial OLIS Asia Life Insurance Symposium.

He has not only excelled in his career but also demonstrated a commitment to fostering growth in others. Mahendraraj has conducted various sales training programs, including Career Guidance, Basic Induction, IRCL Exam, Product Master, Income Goal Setting, Motivational, Field Manager Leadership, and Sales Process Training.

With a proven track record and a portfolio of accomplishments, Murugiah Mahendraraj stands as an exemplar of leadership, motivation, and dedication in the insurance and financial sector.

Receiving the title of "Asia's Outstanding Performance Leadership" from the World Research Congress is an immense source of pride and honor for Murugiah Mahendraraj. This recognition serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment, dedication, and exceptional performance in the realm of insurance and financial services. Mahendraraj is deeply grateful to the World Research Congress for acknowledging his efforts and accomplishments. He extends heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed organization for recognizing his contributions and for providing a platform that acknowledges excellence in leadership and performance. This award motivates Mahendraraj to continue striving for excellence and making a positive impact in his field.

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