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Mohamed Nilar Aamila Banu Has bagged Asia's Fastest Growing Preschool Chain Award

Mohamed Nilar Aamila Banu Has bagged Asia's Fastest Growing Preschool Chain Award

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Hi Everyone,

This is Mrs.Aamila Banu Nilar the Directress of Oxford Learning centre pvt (Ltd)Mawanella.Sri Lanka.

Our preschool was started on 14th of January 2017,which is run by well experienced teachers.

Though this is the 8th year ,I'm delighted to say that our preschool has reached great heights of success today and it is viewed as one of the best and fastest growing preschools in Sri Lanka.

It gives me immense pleasure to get an award as 'Fastest growing preschool chain in Sri Lanka from Asia Awards.

I'm still overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

As the Directress of this preschool , first and foremost my heart felt gratitude goes to Almighty Allah for blessing me with this prestigious award.


Secondly I express my sincere thanks to Asia Awards powers by world Research congress and united research council.

Asia Awards acknowledges the dedication and excellence of an individual or an organisation in their respective fields and celebrate the best.It is the esteemed award for the best deserved contender which is the noble brand by world research congress.

I must mention my deep sense of appreciation for all the parents for selecting our preschool to  fulfill their children's early childhood education needs.

We will do our level best to make the little ones to the best standard,with the help of Almighty Allah.

A recognition like this cannot happen overnight it requires a lot of planning and hard work.I have been fortunate enough to be backed up by my wonderful husband Imran Samadh,staff,family and colleagues who motivated me supported me in every aspect to achieve my goals.

I cannot thank everyone enough for their involvement and willingness to make this day a great success.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Stay blessed

Thank you



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