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Leeza Perera Has bagged Asia's New Age Show Director of the Year Award

Leeza Perera Has bagged Asia's New Age Show Director of the Year Award

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Everyone has a story behind their achievements. I am Leeza Perera. My journey into the modeling industry began in the early 2005 when, I started modeling for bridal shoots. Just as everyone believes in destiny, it was this moment when I believed that this career was destined for me. Eventually, my interest grew towards the field of beauty culture as well. As a result I a graduated at Dreamron College in 2009.

Regardless of my passion in the field of modeling and beauty culture, I had to take a break as I entered motherhood. It was a new beginning for me and an experience far from the world modelling and beauty culture. Along my journey as a mother, I graduated at St. George Institute in child psychology and worked for two years as a teacher at ‘ Kids World’ international Montessori.

By the year 2018, a simple post on Facebook that stated the audition for Mrs Ocean World caught my eye. This was my drawback to this field. I made it to the top ten admits many other beautiful women. Even though I wasn’t crowned as “Mrs Ocean World 2019” my victories in the mini pageants ‘Mrs Congeniality’ ‘Best Skin’ and ‘Most Punctual’ held me strong to stick to what is destined to me. There’s a famous saying that “failing to attempt is the biggest failure of life,” taking this quote to heart, I didn’t fail to attempt myself back into the field.


This time my objective was to start something different. I began by commencing the ‘Miss Sri Lanka’ pageant in 2018. Next, my aim was to initiate something eye opening to Sri Lanka. That’s when I began “Sri Lanka’s Next Top Model” in 2019. A solid start with a long journey ahead. Along the way, I also output my talent of designing women’s clothing under the “Glamour Closet”. My journey to where I am now was quite a ride, yet without a doubt I, Leeza Perera, am proud to introduce myself as a model, mother, former teacher, director and designer.

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