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Kalatharan Jeyarani Has bagged Asia's Role Model Leader Award

Kalatharan Jeyarani Has bagged Asia's Role Model Leader Award

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I’m Mrs.Kalatharan Jeyarani. I am from Sri Lanka. My home town is Jaffna.  It is located in Northern Province in Sri Lanka. I’m married and I have three children, aged 13, 11 and 10. I have sound educational background and work experiences in multi sectors. After completion of my higher studies, I worked with private companies. In 2005 I got a chance to work with INGOs for 5 years.   It was fantastic experiences in my life.

Then after I established an academy in 2013. Named “Northern Academic and Leadership Training Centre”. I am a managing director of my institution. Our academy motto is “Confident Speaking and Confident Leadership”. I love teaching. Teaching is my passion. I feel extremely satisfied with every successful lesson. As a teacher, I feel that I’ am connected to my students’ lives and I have a direct influence on them. I teach because I admire education and I want to make a difference in that domain.

I want to help humanity, and teaching gives me a great opportunity to do so. I’ am passionate about educating my students, I work with them, motivate them, and inspire them to learn. Frequently I am conducting workshop of “Leadership programs” for enhancing their leadership skills.  I am a social worker. I work from grassroots level to high level people. I love to work for our communities. Especially I would like to work with Women Headed families. We support them to create their regular income through income generating activities.

Not only that, I am a consultant of whole country visa applications that Assisting clients with the completion of paperwork, online submission and ensuring that this is submitted on time.

And also On May 2023 I was appointed as a “Justice of Peace” (JP) for the whole Island by the Ministry of Justice, Sri Lanka. Presently, I am successfully completed Master of Business Administration (MBA - University of Pacific) at MIBM in Sri Lanka.

I am proud to say, I am brave, passionate and have a great sense of humor. I know I had greatness with and so, as I grew older, I began exploring, trying to find myself. The journey was extremely rough, and difficult way. Moreover, despite the many challenges in my life, still struggling.

I was very excited knowing that I am accomplishing greatly. An award is an honor, prize or acknowledgment mark best owned in honor of accomplishment and I feel much honored to share in this precious moment,

I’m truly honored to recognize by an Asia Awards powered by World Research Congress and I feel proud of myself. That I deserved on this awards and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and given this opportunity by powered by powered by World Research Congress to win the award for under the category, “Asia’s Woman Leadership Awards” With a praiseworthy award title, “Asia's Role Model Leader Award”. Thank you Asian Awards and United Research Council. You are doing great job for encouraging the people in the world. I wish you all. Keep rocking…….

I know your time is valuable, and I appreciate your efforts.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Mrs.Kalatharan Jeyarani

FB: naltcjaffna


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