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Ilangainathan vigman has bagged Asia's Outstanding Creativity Hunter Award

Ilangainathan vigman has bagged Asia's Outstanding Creativity Hunter Award

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Mr. Ilangainathan Vigman was born on 4th May 1997 in Sri Lanka which is occurring as the pearl of Indian ocean. He was born and grew up in Inparsiddy, Point Pedro, Jaffna until 2006. After that he had moved to India because of war situations in Sri Lanka and had continued his higher studies there.

In the searching of skills and interests he found that he has the most important Business Management skill. He wanted to be an extra-ordinary person with management skills. He is a very energetic and passionate person, especially having interest in management field.


Most importantly his parents and family are his mentors who always give him courage and guidance to his interests. They always stand for him in all the success and drawbacks. The encouragement given by them and his crave take him to follow Bachelor of Commerce.

Mr.Vigman shows the immense respect for his parents who are always there for him. He never failed to make them feel proud. By the end of the higher studies. He come out as an extraordinary skilled person. And come back to Sri Lanka. He had thought full of succeeding in his interested field, by staying in his origin. After he came to Sri Lanka he started his career.

His achievement and posts held,

  • Marketing Manager – (02/2019 – 03/2021) - Hearty & Care International – Jaffna.
  • Branding Manager – (04/2021 – 07/2022) - College of Manifold Science & Technology – Jaffna.
  • CEO/Director – (08/2021 – Present) - Hexad Tech Solutions (Pvt) Ltd – Jaffna.
  • Director – (01/2022 – Present) - Advanced Civil Engineering Design (Pvt) Ltd – Jaffna.


Abilities and Skils with his work places,

  • Make sure the business is conveying the appropriate messaging to draw in potential customers.
  • Employ a plan to promote a company, a good, or a service.
  • By putting marketing strategies in to action a business or person can maintain their public image.
  • Decide how much branding will cost by researching consumer buying patterns.
  • Maintain accountability with the board, oversee the strategic direction of on organization, and put changes and proposed plans info action.




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