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Dr Pavithran Vadivaloo Has bagged Asia's Multi Task Personality Award

Dr Pavithran Vadivaloo Has bagged Asia's Multi Task Personality Award

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Under the category “Asia’s Small Business Awards” With a praiseworthy award title “Asia’s Multi Task Personality Award”. I feel very lucky to have won this award and thank you for choosing me for this award

I am Dr. Pavithran A/L Vadivaloo PhD (h.c) ICSecM. Born on 01/09/1989 at the Hosp Besar Seremban. I was married and had a son. I am a director of two companies, Sastha Maju M Sdn Bhd and Sasthi Renjer Force M Sdn Bhd. My achievement throughout in this field of business was to receive the Honourable Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Social and Publicity House Ltd. With humility, I have also received several awards such as the Male Business Icon Award 2021The Best Personal Brand 2020-2021 and the Emerging Business Award Malaysia-India 2022.

I have also an organization called Dasvandh Sewa Malaysia Humanitarian Welfare Organization (PPM-007-10-19072021) Treasure. I am very proud to receive this award in 2023 in the category “Asia’s Small Business Awards” with the acclaimed title “Asia's Multi-Task Personality Award”. My effort and tiredness in empowering this company and surviving until today yield excellent results and can be an example to small companies out there to keep moving forward and become a better company for the future. I have made this year my lucky year for having won this award as well as making me more enthusiastic to further develop this company with more projects and collaborate with great people.



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