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Dr. Ramakrishna Rao Muthyala has bagged Asia's Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Ramakrishna Rao Muthyala has bagged Asia's Lifetime Achievement Award

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If a person has the will to study, reaching his destination regardless of age and regardless of what anyone thinks is the stepping stone to your progress. In the year 1973 I took the Bi. PC group in intermediate with the desire to become a doctor, but in the end, it was not fulfilled, but in my mind Dr. The desire to be is not satisfied. Not possible due to employment. During my employment (1981-2011) I wrote Sri Rama Ramayana after reading Ramayana and wrote Geography of Ramayana in the same context. Before Dr. It took 50 years to get it.

Getting lifetime members in many organizations and learning many scientific things from them. The reason for getting this Asia Award is due to membership in the country and other countries.

Receiving Asia's No 1 Brand and Leadership Excellence awards by the World Research Congress is an amazing feeling for me. If there is a sense of goodwill and true purity in man, it must be fulfilled at some point. A human being should be educated and cultured only then it will help him to grow. Knowledge is not enough for our lifetime and remains. Some cannot be conquered with money but with knowledge, a man may not want to know but it must be fulfilled.

I feel fortunate to receive a prestigious award, Asia's Achievement Award, and Asia's Lifetime Achievement Award, in the presence of such intellectuals, businessmen, and leaders in various fields. I feel like you all are seeing in the mist, and because of that, my eyes are filled with tears of happiness.

I am taking a leave of absence wanting to be with you.

A Brief Biographical Sketch of Sri Ramakrishna Rao Muthyala                        

Sri Ramakrishna Rao Muthyala was born in Hyderabad on 31st July 1956 as the eldest of four children of Late Sri Kondal Rao and late Smt Saraswathi bai. His parents being ardent devotees of Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swami, Sri Ramakrishna Rao has inherited their devotion to the same God. As a person hailing from a traditional Brahmin family, Sri Ramakrishna Rao got by heart many of the verses of the Ramayana, both Sanskrit and Telugu even in his childhood.

Financial constrictions forced Sri Ramakrishna Rao to discontinue his studies after Intermediate and seek a job support his family. Consequently, he hot appointed in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation in 1981 and retired voluntarily as Sanitary Supervisor in Health section of the Corporation in 2011 after a dedicated service of 30 long years during which he won the admiration of his Superiors and other colleagues in particulars and the public in general.

His commitment to acquiring knowledge is so, exemplary that after his voluntary retirement he completed B.A, M.A (English), M.A (History), Doctor of Philosophy of Geography & Cartography, Doctor of Science in Geography (D.Sc.), Master of Astrology (Jyotish-Acharya), Vidhya Vachaspati of Philosophy (Doctor of Philosophy Astrology)

His interest in spirituality and deep devotion to Lord Sri Rama prompted him to embark on the lofty mission of writing from April 1996 a treatise on Lord Sri Rami entitled “Sri Rama Ramayana”, a voluminous work in Telugu which got completed in 2009. Sri Ramakrishna Rao’s love of Sri Rama as well as Sri Rama Ramayana inspired him further to venture into writing another significant book in Telugu based on the Ramayana with the title “Geography of Ramayana” (Ramabdhi Shuktimani) which aims at explaining the facts of Ramayana in the right perspective.

The most important point surprising the readers is that the book proves with authentic facts that the Sri Lanka and Lanka of Ravana is different the one popularly taken for granted. The work which also contains beautiful lyrics in simple Telugu glorifying the greatness of Sri Sita and Sri Rama was completed in 2009.

That man is a puppet in the hands of providence and even great devotees of God and virtuous people are no exception had been proved when Sri Ramakrishna Rao met with a great tragedy in his life in the form of the premature demise of his noble wife, Smt Sulochana on 16-08-2013. A worthy wife to an ideal husband, this illustrious woman had been an inspiration to Sri Ramakrishna Rao in all his endeavors, worldly and spiritual and but for her encouragement, the two books could not have come into reality. The above books on Ramayana are now being translated into English for benefit of the English reading fraternity.

Undaunted by his wife's passing away, Sri Ramakrishna Rao continues to work towards fulfilment of his sublime goals some among which are the dedication of the Telugu and the English versions of his two books "Sri Rama Ramayana" and" Geography of Ramayan at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Rama at Bhadrachalam soon and establishment of Sri Rama Charitable trust aimed at rendering social, religious and spiritual services to the needy not only in the two Telugu speaking states but also in the country.

The book Geography of Ramayana is copyrighted by India (L.85699, L.86300, L.85685/2019) and also copyrighted by United States of America (TXu 002-191-760/29/09/2019).

Sri Ramakrishna Rao is blessed with two successful sons, Sri Varun, a GIS Engineer in America and his wife Smt Sandhya is a HR manage in a software company, she had 3 children’s Swara, Sahasya and Shreya, and Sri Haran, a Software Engineer in Australia and his wife Smt Madhuri, Aircraft engineer at Melbourne international Airport, She had one child name Vedant. He leads an exemplary life marked by the conviction that only selfless service makes man's life meaningful. Even at sixty he continues to strive with relentless physical and moral strength to realise his elevated aspirations. May God give him the required assistance.

Special Notes: Itihasa refers to the collection of written descriptions of important events in Hinduism. It includes the Mahabharata, the Puranas and the Ramayana.

The book was written by explaining the things that happened during the Ramayana period, The Great Bridge and City of Lanka, which actually happened through my research. The City of Lanka and Sri Lanka are said to be separate islands. From 2004 to 2019, the book was written with tireless efforts. It is a mistake to think that we know everything, but to search for what we do not know, we get wonderful results.

You recognized the result of our efforts and gave me Asia's No.1 Brand & Leadership Excellence Awards, Asia's Achievement Award and Asia's Lifetime Achievement Award.

4. Thanks to - ASIA Awards powered by World Research Congress

It is with great pleasure that you have chosen me for this achievement award. I feel lucky to be introduced to this world through this award like a ruby in the soil. There is no greater blessing than gratitude.

6. Thanking note to World Research Congress and ASIA Awards

7.Thanking to United Research Council



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