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Dr. Rafeeu Din Naseem Has bagged Asia's Best Entrepreneur Award

Dr. Rafeeu Din Naseem Has bagged Asia's Best Entrepreneur Award

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Journey Through Innovation: The Odyssey of Cyrix, Resource, Xeon, and Ocean Bubbles in Male'

Cyrix Computer Training Centre:
Pioneering IT Education in the Maldives

Origin and Evolution

In 1992, I co-founded Cyrix Computer Training Centre in Male', initially envisioned as a computer retail venture. However, fate had a different plan. Winning a significant contract to install billing systems for the Maldives Electricity Bureau catapulted Cyrix into prominence and set us on an irreversible course towards becoming an educational institution. This change in direction wasn't accidental but spurred by market needs and recommendations from my partners.

Setting Standards and Milestones

Cyrix quickly established benchmarks for quality, becoming the first institution in the country to transition from DOS-based software to a modern Windows interface. Our hands-on curriculum has always been our strongest selling point. This attention to detail helped us graduate the highest number of students in computer training in Male'.

Social Contributions and Challenges

While our core mission was educational, we never lost sight of the community. We organized events against drug abuse and crime, among other social causes. Nevertheless, rising rental costs and other challenges required us to adapt. We sold a minority stake to World Link, helping us navigate financial constraints.

Resource Computer Training: Taking IT Education on the Road

Mobile Education in a Developing Nation

By the year 2000, Cyrix had become a brand name synonymous with quality IT education. Hungry for greater impact, I initiated Resource Computer Training, a mobile training center that expanded our reach across the Maldives.

Government and Private Collaborations

Resource was not confined to the public or private sectors but flourished in both. We established partnerships with local governments and industries, focusing on remote regions across north to south Atoll to Addu City, my homeland. In doing so, we further cemented our legacy as an institution committed to widespread, inclusive education.

Xeon Computers: Unveiling Consumer-Friendly Financing in Tech Retail

The Advent of Xeon

After Resource, my entrepreneurial spirit remained restless, I founded Xeon Computers. We introduced installment schemes, making tech more accessible for various economic strata.

Struggles and the Essence of Resilience

Life threw curveballs at us in the form of civil unrest and temporary closures. Financial difficulties were a constant companion, but they did not deter us. We were committed to leaving a lasting positive impact on society.

Xeonmobiles: Challenging Brand Perceptions

From Humble Beginnings to Market Leadership

What started with just a few Chinese phones eventually led to the establishment of Xeonmobiles. This venture particularly resonated with me as it demonstrated the power of belief and vision.

A Turnaround Story

By focusing on underrepresented brands, we managed to shift public perception. What was once considered 'low-end' transformed into 'high-impact,' altering the smartphone landscape in Male'.

Ocean Bubbles: A Tech-Driven Café Experience

The Conception and Growth

In 2022, I collaborated with my friend Ahmed to launch Ocean Bubbles, a café like no other. Through extensive research, we decided to offer not just bubble tea but a broader menu. The café also utilized advanced Service Robots, propelling us to the forefront of technological innovation in the food service industry.

Closing Thoughts: An Unfinished Journey

Life, they say, is about the journey, not the destination. The tales of Cyrix, Resource, Xeon, and Ocean Bubbles are chapters in a book that's still being written. Each venture has been a stepping stone, a learning curve, and above all, a vehicle for positive change in society.

If I've inadvertently missed acknowledging someone in this long and fulfilling journey, feel free to reach out. After all, it takes a village to change the world, and I am grateful for every single person who's been a part of this village.


This biography serves not only as a testament to what has been achieved but also as a blueprint for what still lies ahead.

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