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Dr. Preyaa Arunasalam has bagged Asia's Outstanding Women Role Model Award

Dr. Preyaa Arunasalam has bagged Asia's Outstanding Women Role Model Award

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Hello! I am Dr. Preyaa Arunasalam. I am a wife, a mother to 3 children, and a businesswoman. I run my own General Practitioner clinic as well as an Aesthetics clinic in Malaysia.

As a medical doctor by profession, I started out practicing in the government sector and eventually opened up my own GP clinic in 2016. At the time, choosing to move away from a steady government job and opening my own clinic was a massive undertaking. To be honest, there was a huge uncertainty surrounding my decision, mostly from myself. But the excitement of venturing into the unknown, gave me a sense of sheer determination.

The early years were extremely challenging to say the least. I operated the clinic as a single doctor for the first 2 years without any assistance from locum doctors. The patient load was heavy, but I had to make sure the patients who visited my clinic trusted me and felt comfortable coming there.

As business started to pick up at the clinic, I eventually got the feeling that I could be doing more. The success that I found from my first venture gave me the confidence to go even further. So, I decided to expand my skillset. I studied and eventually obtained a diploma in aesthetics. I also got a certification in hair transplantation from a course I did in Agra, India. In 2018, I started Thaara Medisuite Beauty Spa where we treat and handle skin related complications, pigmentation, acne issues, hair loss and weight management.

A year later in 2019, I founded Thaara Skincare and brought in my own skincare products. In late 2021, I also opened Thaara Saloon and Thaara Nail & Art Studio. More recently, I completed my hair transplantation fellowship last year in Mumbai.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank my father and my husband. They have always been a huge influence in my life. They have been extremely supportive throughout the years and constantly inspire me to reach for greatness! As a businessman himself, my father is the best role model I could have asked for. His business acumen is unmatched. His guidance has helped me on many occasions in navigating through the nuances of the business world.

The idea of being a working mother is still a terrifying notion for many women out there. But the world has changed so much. I personally believe that, entrepreneurship is a man’s world, is an obsolete school of thought in this day and age. To me, it is all about finding the right balance. It is important that you do not pile the pressure on yourself, and focus on the right things at the right time. I have been very lucky in the sense that I have some of the most amazing female presence in my life. My mother and mother-in-law are my rocks. When my work demands more of me, they have always been there to take care of the family.

As I stepped into the world of business, self-doubt and fear were probably the biggest challenges I had to overcome. They constantly formed a mental block and drained my energy. Being a mother to 2 toddlers and a new-born at that time, juggling between my family and singlehandedly operating two different clinics, took a heavy toll on my emotional and physical wellbeing. There have been days where I dreaded getting out of bed and nights where I have cried myself to sleep. To any aspiring entrepreneurs out there, my advice is to not be afraid of these emotions. They make you human and it is important to not neglect them. It is critical for us to understand that, if used in the right way, these are extremely powerful tools when you are striving for excellence. It is also important that you give yourself the gift of knowledge. Always make time to read and study materials to understand your business better. Enroll in courses to constantly evolve and improve yourself. Improving yourself can only mean improving your business. If there is anything I would like to change from my formative years in the business, it is to be bolder. To trust my instincts and make more affirmative decisions.

To all the young women out there, do not be afraid of making mistakes as every mistake is an opportunity to learn. Doubting yourself is normal, but don’t be too hard on yourself and just do the best of what you can each day. Be it your family or your business, they are all dependent on your energy. Always take the time to look after yourself and everything else will fall in place. Sky is the limit!


Finally, I want to say that I am truly humbled to receive this recognition by Asia Awards powered by World Research Congress.. The organization is doing excellent work in empowering women throughout the world and it is such an honour and privilege that this award has been bestowed upon me. Receiving this award truly makes me feel like the years and years of hard work has finally paid off. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for choosing me to be one of your awardee.

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