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Dr. Nariram Luhar Has bagged Asia's Nobel Leadership Award For Theological Studies

Dr. Nariram Luhar Has bagged Asia's Nobel Leadership Award For Theological Studies

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Rev. Dr. Nariram Luhar 'Binod'

Rev. Dr. Nariram Luhar 'Binod' was born in Brahamdev village of Kanchanpur district of Nepal. He was born on 11th November 1982. He spent his childhood life with his parents. As he grew up in his teenage life, in 1996 he heard the gospel and accepted Jesus and became His follower. God chose and called him for the ministry. He is the first person from the family of Budkoti Luhar / Panda Pujari to believe Jesus Christ.

He did his Bachelor of Theology degree from the Indian Institute of Missiology in 2002 and in 2010 completed his Master in Theology degree from the Living word of Bible Institute, India. In 2015 he completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Leadership from the United Nations University for Global Peace, USA. Today he is the Philanthropist, educator, Social service worker, Motivational speaker and Senior Pastor, among his area and some worldwide seminars.

Early life

Rev. Dr. Nariram Luhar 'Binod' was born on 11th November 1982 in Brahamdev, Kanchanpur Nepal. He is the youngest son of Late. Mr. Mani Ram Luhar. He has two older brother and one older sister. During that time he happened to met one of his student while giving a Karate class. He shared him the gospel. And later on his life changed dramatically. But due to no moral support from his family members, he was backslidden. It was tough time for him, as he didn’t knew what to do the next. But at this difficult time, the Lord Jesus spoke to him in vision and called him to serve in Him completely.


He did his education in Nepal and completed his graduation in Bachelor of Commerce in India. Furthermore, he has completed his Bachelor of Theology degree from the I.I.M. in 2002 and in 2010 completed his Master in Theology degree from the L.W.B.I., India. In 2015, he completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Leadership from U.N.U.G.P., U.S.A. and L.W.B.I., India.

Awards and Achievements.

  1. On February 2021, Rev. Dr. Nariram has been honored with High Range Book of World Record with gold medal, for continuously teaching and speaking non-stop for about 12 hour 22 minutes, giving biblical teaching in Nepali Language. He is the first Nepali person to register his name in the High Range Book of World Record for the biblical teaching.
  2. 'Icon Award 2021' was awarded for being an Outstanding Social Worker for the Philanthropic work to help the poor and needy people.
  3. 19th December 2021 he was awarded with Fantastic Records and Achievements and Marvelous Book of Records for recognizing his non-stop speaking about biblical teaching for about 12 hour 22 minutes.
  4. He was awarded with Global Peace Award from University of Discipleship Institute for Apostolic Ministries
  5. University of Discipleship Institute for Apostolic Ministries awarded him with the title of 'Universal Super Star'.MBLA Trust awarded him with the title of 'Rashtriya Shiksha Ratna Award 2021'.
  6. 'Global Best Professor Golden Peacock Award 2021' by awarded by MBLA Trust.
  7. On 23rd November 2023, he was awarded by London Book of World Record for being the 1st person to write 15 books within two years from the Luhar tribe. And being the 1st person from the Luhar tribe, he was awarded with Gold Medal and Certificate from the London Book of World Record.
  8. Best Writer Award 2024 by awarded by Radiant Talent Book of Records ,On  30th January 2024 .
  9. Christian Apologist  2024 by awarded by Gyan Uday Foundation, On 30th January 2024 .
  10. The International Achievers Award  2024 by awarded by Gyan Uday Foundation, On 30th January 2024
  11. Social Activist Award 2024 by awarded by Kumudini Education Trust ,On 31th January 2024 .
  12. Best Public Speaker Award  2024  by awarded by Radiant Talent Book of Records ,On 1th February 2024 .
  13. Life Time Achievement Award 2024   by awarded by Londan Book of World Records, On 2nd  February 2024 .
  14. Global Excellence Award  2024   by awarded by Book of World Records USA , On 7th February 2024 .

Rev. Dr. Nariram Luhar 'Binod' is a unique and contemporary leader in Christianity in Nepal. He also uses his pen in the literary field. So far he has written and published many Theological book and one secular book. These books contains enlightening, interesting, life changing topics, career development, blessed and important books that are being studied by more than 45 different Nepali speaking congregation and students in many countries around the world. And he is even called out to speak and give lectures and seminars in different Bible Colleges and Universities around the world.

And along with that these books are being used by the various bible Colleges as a study material for their content and syllabus in various universities. He is serving the Lord Jesus along with his wife Mrs. Durga Devi Luhar and his one Daughter Jyoti Luhar two son Jeewan, Anant in Bhimdattnagar, Kanchanpur, Sudurpaschim, Nepal.


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