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Dr. M. Uthayakumar Has bagged Asia's Outstanding Dental Treatment Service Provider Award

Dr. M. Uthayakumar Has bagged Asia's Outstanding Dental Treatment Service Provider Award

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I am Dr Uthayakumar Muthukumar a passionate Dental Surgeon and Dental Implantologist from  Srilanka which is a beautiful country in Asia .

I was born on 29 November 1969 in a historical place of Jaffna.

My father is a farmer he moved to vavuniya when I was a child. I started my primary education in cheddikulam maha vidyalayam  a Very small school with had limited resources.   I  scored top marks in the district in Grade five scholarship gave the opportunity to study in Jaffna Hindu college which is a popular school in Northern part of  Srilanka.

I entered to the faculty of Dental sciences in university of Peradeniya Srilanka.It  is the only Dental faculty in Srilanka.
I graduated from the university in 2002 and joined as General Dental practitioner from that time I attend all national and many international dental conferences to update my knowledge and skills.

In 2006 I joined in the ministry of health and worked in General hospital vavuniya where I worked hard to established Oral and Maxillofacial unit which is the first unit in the Northern Province after the 30 yrs. of war.

Also I worked as Regional Dental surgeon of Vavuniya District and the Deputy Director for internally displaced people health care centre where we provide essential healthcare with minimum resources. I was awarded as Health Excellence Award in 2009 by ministry of health.

In 2013 I migrated to Australia with my most supportive wife and two beautiful kids. I learned lot of modern treatment procedures and advanced techniques. That time I had an intention to come to Srilanka and use those skills and knowledge.

We moved back to Srilanka as an Australian citizen and started a Advanced Oral Healthcare centre Named as Global Dental Care and Dental Implant centre in 2017.That time I attend a mini residency Implant course  conducted by American Academy of Dental Implant centre. Dr Shanker Iyer from USA an eminent and interesting implantology speaker taught and showed his cases of Dental implants in interesting way. That time I decided to have a good implant centre in my city with all facilities like other western countries.

I learned my first implant education from my great lecturer  Prof Prasad Amaratunga in 2006 and I finished my Masters in dental Implantology in university of Unicamillus ,Italy in 2023 facilitated  by Dr Jabin  George  Kochin implant centre. I upgrades my knowledge regularly and invest on modern equipment to provide universal standard of Oral healthcare.

I have a in build CBCT in my clinic this is only CBCT centre with Dental surgery in Srilanka and I design my own surgical guide to do Guided implant surgery without any pain or discomfort with superior satisfaction of my clients.

Even though the centre is situated in small city we receive many people from various part of srilanka including Colombo Jaffna Anuradhapura and kandy .Also The centre has superior facilities like international standard of infection control measures, all Dental Digital technologies and treatment facilities. And especially we provide implant placement and prosthetic solution in two days as we have all international standard dental equipment and materials with low cost.

My childhood intention is all modern health facilities should be accessed by all parts of srilanka . In our practice we have free consultation to everyone to find their basic oral healthcare need which helps to understand their problem.

Today I am really happy and proud to have these Asia awards for my hardship and services. I thank president and all the members of Asia awards powered by the World Research Congress for selecting and recognising me for this prestigious award. Also I thank united research council for this priceless award. Also   I thank all my clients’ staff and my family for this great achievement.


Finally I humbly request from my medical professionals to provide a better oral healthcare for the community to make better smile and pain free life by continuous learning and following advanced treatment procedures and invest on required equipment.
Thank you 

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