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Dr. Dianne Tsen Has bagged Asia's Inspiring Personality Award

Dr. Dianne Tsen Has bagged Asia's Inspiring Personality Award

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Dr. Dianne Tsen is the founder of a corporate training and education consultancy company specializing in Corporate Market Development, Image and Branding. Dr.Tsen is a certified professional trainer with the IPMA (International Professional Managers Association) and Certified Image Consultant with the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International), of which she presently serves on the board VP Education of the Malaysian Chapter.

She is also certified in Advanced International Business and Diplomatic Protocol by The European School of Protocol and The British School of Protocol, accredited by the British Accreditation Council.

Dr. Tsen has been teaching, training and designing educational programmes for youths and professionals for over 20 years.

With over two decades of experience in education, marketing, branding and image consulting, Dr. Dianne Tsen brings a grassroots background to her work as business consultant and corporate trainer in the area of people development.

A certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Dianne combines her academic experience and corporate background in her customized market development consultancy and bespoke workshops on corporate people development.

Designing educational programmes:

Dianne is a licensed trainer for IITTI, which is the testing centre for the United Nations’ World Civility Index (WCI) Points. The WCI is an index that may be used to measure soft skills capabilities of students and employment candidates. Some references to this are as follows:

What is the World Civility Index?

In December 2022, she designed a program whereby the participants acquired WCI points, that are recognized by the United Nations. This program became the first program where a State Government Department obtained WCI points for its young employees. This program may also be run for students and other young people.

World Civility Index and Dianne

Dianne with IITTI and the Malaysian Government

As adjunct professor of the California Southern University, she helped design educational programmes for undergraduate to postgraduate levels. Over 20 years, Dianne has taught and helped design learning for youths for both Malaysian and overseas universities and colleges.

Dianne was awarded a technology grant by the Malaysia Government, under MDEC in 2009 to develop a branding blueprint, that has helped many individuals easily understand how to effectively brand themselves.

She was also awarded a scholarship and funding by an Australian University, and the Sarawak Foundation, to undertake Data Driven Research Studies on Employee and Customer Brand Equity.

For youths, Dianne was Consultant/Trainer, for 3 cycles of The Professional Readiness Course for the Malaysian Ministry of Education (JPA), conducted by Inti College Malaysia 2003; also for the Executive Development Program under the Graduate Training Scheme with Malaysian Human Resources Corporation.

Dianne also participated in the RIGHT programme 2008 and 2011 by SAINS (Sarawak Computerisation Services) for the training of rural youth in digital entrepreneurship.

She was also Academic Consultant for English ExternalStudies and Consultant for Edutrain Resources in the role of partner, proprietor and manager responsible for all operations related to education and training including business development, training & workshop coordination, student counseling and development of training programmes.

Other education and business experience:

Dianne began her professional career in the finance industry upon returning from Australia. After completing her MBA studies, Dianne lectured in Business Communications with the Malaysian Institute of Training and Development. She went on to run finance and management workshops as Adjunct Professor for the Southern California University of Professional Studies (now known as California Southern University) during which time she obtained the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

Her work in major banks included needs analysis and personal banking services for high profile customers and public listed companies. Dr Tsen has provided consultations to many companies including start-ups on marketing, branding and brand protection.

Dianne contributed many times as a mentor for events for start-ups such as Start-Up Weekend by I-Cube Innovation, and many others.

She is also an award-winning conference paper presenter on Personal Branding and Employee Brand Equity.

Dianne works with Companies and their C-Suite on marketing and brand strategy training and planning; and collaborates with international speakers such Bob Proctor and John Kanary.

Dianne also contributed to magazines and newspapers and co-produced a weekly radio show “Impression Strategy with Dianne” with Producer Rosalind Tan of Redfm RTM.

She was often recommended for her work by Bob Proctor, (The Secret) the author of “You Were Born Rich” and “It’s Not About the Money”. Video may be viewed here.


Bob Proctor on Dianne

Dianne Tsen is a true professional. She is articulate and extremely creative; she sees what most people miss. Anyone using her services will certainly benefit from her knowledge and experience…Dr. Tsen will show you how to bring the very best of yourself or your company to the surface. I feel fortunate that I know her and am able to count her as one of my friends.

….. Bob Proctor (Author, Master Trainer, Motivational Guru)

Dianne is a true professional who knows her areas of expertise very well. She is enthusiastic, eager to help and exhilarating.( that is how i feel after every meeting i had with her). She has an excellent grasp of the client's requirements and a worldly awareness which works well in helping organization grow and excel. Dianne is the foremost authority in branding in Malaysia. She has achieved significant milestones in the area of personal development. As a Certified Professional Trainer she is a Master Trainer in her field and is able to make the seemingly dullest subject more interesting and complex content; simple and easy to understand…

. KC See (Master Trainer, Author, Business Innovator)

Dianne is a very creative person with a very attractive personality. She gains people confidence easily and has shown that the welfare of her clients is upper most in her work.

Dianne is also a very able presenter and teacher; she relates well to her audiences in a variety of settings.

I have known Dianne for over 23 years as a colleague for a period at Swinburne University of Technology and as a close friend of her family.

…. Professor Justo Diaz (Emeritus Professor, The University of Auckland)

I have worked with Dianne many times for many years. The reasons I keep on using her are because of: her professional dedication, her vast skill and knowledge base on communication and people skills, and she is an all-round super person to work with.

… Dr. Ian Halsall (Author, Trainer, Speaker, Master NLP Trainer)

Hello. I take this opportunity to recommend Dianne, totally and without hesitation. For some time I was involved in Malaysia at the highest government and corporate levels. There are many trainers and consultants there, but many fall short. Not Dianne - her presentation, style, manner, involvement and skill set is impeccable. I would even state that she is the No.1 coach in the country!

Contact this lady - she will be the best corporate coaching decision you have ever made.

…. Neill Newton (Group CEO, Founder, Business author, Keynote Speaker)

Dianne is a friendly and talented lecturer when she taught me briefly in my penultimate year in BA Marketing. Outside the classroom, she's an energetic woman, a busy working mum too who once fetched me and my friend to a nearby church for Mass and subsequently a dinner with her family at a local restaurant. Her kindness and generosity know no bounds.

…. Felix Wong (Retail Associate, Charles & Keith, former student)

Dianne was one of my lecturers back in MBA course. Dedicated, friendly and fun are the elements that I’ve seen in her. She always showed her professionalism in teaching by giving real life examples for our better understanding. Also, as branding is Dianne’s domain, she often shared her experiences in the field on how branding can actually help in businesses with current global issues. Those sharing indeed made me indulged with her lectures and find them truly useful for my career progression…

….. Nacy Chan (Purchasing Executive, Group Procurement, Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd, former student)

Dianne is a passionate and dedicated lecturer. She taught me in Marketing during my undergrade. She has an excellent communication skills which she uses efficiently when interacting with students. There was a time when I had the opportunity to work with her for motivational training. All went successfully through her coaching. She also has good networking with lots of industries which shows her efficiency in handling training.


… Emily Rogos (Social Science Researcher, PhD Candidate)

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