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Dr. Asmawati Mohamad Ali Has bagged Asia's Best Academician Award

Dr. Asmawati Mohamad Ali Has bagged Asia's Best Academician Award

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DR. ASMAWATI MOHAMAD ALI is a Senior Lecturer and Subject Matter Expert (SME) Matriculation General Studies Unit, Department of Professional Literature & Social Sciences, Pahang Matriculation College, Matriculation Division, Ministry of Malaysia Education has been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Curriculum Studies), University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) in the field of expertise Active Learning Pedagogy, Cross-Curriculum Elements of Soft Skills and mastered both quantitative and qualitative social science methodologies, especially in education field.

In addition, having a Master of Education (Guidance & Counselling), from UPSI; a Graduate Diploma in Drug Abuse for Speciality Program and Drug Abuse by University Science Islam Malaysia (SPADA, USIM) and 1st Degree in Bachelor of Education (Guidance & Counseling), University Putra Malaysia (UPM) which obtained sponsorship from Esso Fund & Education, Public Service Department (JPA), Terengganu Foundation and Sponsorship Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia. Registered Counselor (K.B.) under the Malaysian Board of Counselors and active in community activities as a consulting expert, mentor, speaker and guidance facilitator. Also active as a professional jury of innovation competitions and research presenters at the international level. Has produced various genres of scientific writing in books, manuals, modules, journal articles, research grants and creative works.

Possess an Academic Professional Certificate recognized by Google for Education (GCE Level I & Level II) and EduCluster Finland. Has won various international awards such as Best Paper Award (2017), Best Video Concept Award (2020), The Best Presentation For Parallel Session (2021) as well as Gold, Silver, Bronze Medal & Most-Liked Virtual Presentation on Youtube in International Innovation Competition, Consolation for the National Research Innovation Award (2021) in addition to the Gold Award and Special Diamond Leader Award for the National Level Online Leadership Course (2022). Design and produces the product of Creativity and Innovation or digital tools like e-portfolio, digital resume, pass-it application and manuals such as teaching aids modification (m-BBM) and Anti Stress Kits (ASKits).

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