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Bilal Raslan Has bagged Asia's Trusted Gem Portal Award

Bilal Raslan Has bagged Asia's Trusted Gem Portal Award

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I am Bilal Raslan Director of A&R Ceylon Gems (pvt) Ltd, a distinguished figure in Sri Lanka's Gem and Jewellery industry, I have been recognized As the Most Innovative in Asia's Gem & Jewellery Industry for the year 2023-2024 by the prestigious Asia Awards powered by the Rula Awards.

As the successful entrepreneur behind A&R Ceylon Gems (pvt) Ltd, I have been established myself as one of the country's most accomplished young businessmen. I would like to thank Asian Awards powered by world Research Congress for nominating me for the "Asia's Trusted Gem portal Award". I feel very privileged to be selected this Award and I feel all my efforts and constant devotion to my work has been rewarded at an international level.

It’s been really honor to select this high awards. Heading a thriving chain of Gem and Jewellery stores, I have been transformed the Gem world, making "Gem and Jewellery" a formidable task. My vision is to bring the elements of ready-to-wear sapphires to the forefront, enhancing the blue sapphire heat treatment experience for clients. My commitment lies in providing simple yet technically beautiful pieces that serve as both aesthetic delights and wise investments in the Gem Business.

Having clinched the prestigious "Asia's Trusted Gem Portal Award," my focus revolves around optimizing the best aspects of export and import, particularly in the realm of Heated blue sapphire. My innovative heating process emphasizes crucial elements such as color, luster, and unique characteristics, resulting in stunning color changes that define my brand's ethos. Collaborating with my father, I am currently engaged in creating a special line of Gemstone blue sapphire Heat that incorporates my favorite details.

A&R Ceylon Gems (pvt) Ltd has partnered with leading retailers in Singapore, China, and Europe, aiming to promote and sell our heat-treated gemstone products in the US and Japan markets. Our company has launched its online store at www.chinafortgemmarket.com, catering to global buyers who seek trustworthy gemstones with secure online payment options. My biography is a testament to my creativity, dedication, and contributions to the ever-evolving Gem and Jewellery industry. 


Bilal Raslan 

The Director A&R Ceylon Gems (pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka.



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