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Bekha Man Byanjankar Has Bagged Asia's Super Attraction Award for Cultural Tourism

Bekha Man Byanjankar Has Bagged Asia's Super Attraction Award for Cultural Tourism

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I am Bekha Man Byanjankar, is a successful entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the development of tourism industry in Nepal. Born and raised in Lalitpur, Nepal, I attended in the Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, where I studied Humanities & Political Science.

After completion of my education, I started my career in various organizations like Nepal Red Cross Society, Unitarian Service Committee of Canada-Nepal and American Life Insurance Company etc, working for various social organizations like Chyasal Youth Club, Kaa: Manka Guthi, Chyasa: Manka Khala: and Manmaneshwari Festival Management Committee in Lalitpur, Nepal. However, I soon realized that wanted to start my own company and make a difference in the tourism industry. In 2023, I established Canada-Nepal Culture, Tourism and Heritage, based in Brampton, ON, Canada, a company that provides cultural and tourism services to the visitors from Canada as well as all over the world.

Under my leadership, Canada-Nepal Culture, Tourism and Heritage has become a leading player in the tourism industry in Nepal. The company has received Asia Awards powered by the World Research Congress for its outstanding services.

It is very difficult to describe how I felt when I received the award, but one can imagine that I must have been overjoyed and proud of my achievements. Receiving an award is always a great honor, and it is even more special when it comes from a prestigious organization like the World Research Congress.

For me, the award was not just a recognition of my personal achievements, but also a tribute to my company, which I had worked so hard to build. It was a validation of my vision and hard work, and a testament to the dedication of my team.

As an entrepreneur in the tourism industry, I face numerous challenges, including competition from other players in the market and the constant need to innovate and adapt to changing market demands. However, I have always stayed true to my core value of providing exceptional services and promoting culture awareness.

In conclusion, I am a remarkable individual who have made a significant contribution to the development of the tourism industry in Nepal. My company Canada-Nepal Culture, Tourism and Heritage, is a shining example of how dedication, hard work, and a commitment to excellence can lead to success. Receiving the Asia Awards powered by the World Research Congress was just one of the may milestones in my journey, and one can only imagine the many more accolades that I and my company will achieve in the years to come.


Bekha Man Byanjankar is a renowned name in the tourism industry, particularly for his relentless dedication towards promoting Nepalese culture and heritage to the world. As the Proprietor of Canada-Nepal Culture, Tourism & Heritage located in Brampton, ON, Canada, he has been actively marketing Nepal as a destination for cultural tourism.

Mr. Byanjankar’s passion and hard work has not gone unnoticed. In 2023, he was recognized by the Asia Awards powered by the World Research Congress for his outstanding contribution to the tourism sector. His dedication and efforts to promote Nepal’s culture and heritage has enable more tourist to discover the authentic beauty of this incredible country.

Receiving this award is a testament to Bekha Man Byanjankar’s dedication over the years towards promoting Nepal’s history, culture, and heritage. Its an incredible acknowledgement of his hard work and efforts put into promoting Nepal’s tourism industry. The Asia Awards powered by the World Research Congress is one of the most prestigious awards recognized worldwide. The recognition given by such notable organizations not only boosts one’s morale and confidence but also inspires others to follow in their footsteps.

Bekha Man Byanjankar, recipient of the Asia Awards powered by the World Research Congress, thanked the United Research Council for recognizing his work in promoting Nepal’s culture heritage. The Honoree also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to showcase Nepal’s unique tourism experiences, including its vibrant and diverse culture, colorful festivals, and world-renowned heritage sites. He acknowledges the support of his team at Canada-Nepal Culture, Tourism & Heritage, who have been instrumental in helping him to achieve his goals.

By embracing new technologies and investing in marketing strategies, Bekha Man Byanjankar has also helped Canada-Nepal Culture, Tourism & Heritage to thrive even during challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic presented a harsh setback for the tourism sector, but his agile response helped to keep the company up and running amid these uncertain situations. Mr. Byanjankar’s resilience and the ability to adjust to new challenges, amidst this pandemic and other obstacle in the past, are commendable.

The contributions of Bekha Man Byanjankar, Through Canada-Nepal Culture, Tourism & Heritage, have opened doors for many tourists to explore Nepal’s unique cultural heritage, taste local delicacies, meet amazing people, experience the majestic mountain ranges and the beautiful hillsides. This has not only helped to usher in a steady stream of international visitors to Nepal but also created numerous employment opportunities for the locals.

Canada-Nepal Culture, Tourism & Heritage is a renowned company that is creating a significant impact on the county’s economy by promoting tourism and promoting Nepal to the world. Through his efforts, Bekha Man Byanjankar has showcased Nepal’s unique way of life, natural beauty, and immense tourism potential to the world.


We congratulate Bekha Man Byanjankar on his well-deserved recognition and thank to the United Research Council for acknowledging his tireless efforts to promote Nepal’s culture and heritage. Through his passion for tourism and his unwavering commitment to representing Nepal to the world, Bekha Man Byanjankar has left a lasting impact on the tourism industry in Nepal.

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