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Anwaar Beg Moghal has bagged Asia's The Man Achiever Award

Anwaar Beg Moghal has bagged Asia's The Man Achiever Award

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Anwaar Beg Moghal, a passionate and ambitious actor for over 20 years, was raised in Malaysia. He grew up with a dream, “One day, I shall be seen on the 70mm screen.” He worked his way up starting with small side roles and today, he is the owner of Anwaar Beg Productions (AB Productions).

The activities span along film production and marketing. It is a reputed entertainment industry that engages its audiences through a vast variety of different platforms.  His childhood revolved around his interest in Bollywood and stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Dilip Kumar. He began mimicking them at home and the talent developed with time. Anwaar began as an extra in TVCs. He gained some confidence and soon, due to his magical dancing skills and love for Michael Jackson, he participated in dance shows like Dance India Dance Season 2, Britain’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance.

He was one of the first Malaysian choreographers who gained recognition and soon taught many youths and seniors how to dance. Not to forget, he was the only one who was awarded a certificate from his school as the best dancer. As he grew older, he groomed himself and began hosting events for corporate organizations.

Anwaar, being an entertainer since a tender age has been part of various entertainment platforms and part of many successful T.V. series for BBC, MediaCorp Singapore, Pakistan television and TV3, a Malaysian channel. This actor has been listed on IMDb and is also an award winner for Best Film Male Performer by South East Asia Short Film Festival Winter 2018. Currently, he is being awarded by RULA Awards for Asia’s No.1 Brand & Leadership Excellence Awards powered by World Research Congress under the category, Ásia’s Fine Arts Award with a praiseworthy award title, Äsia’s The Man Achiever Award”. “I am surely feeling content and on top of the world,” expresses Anwaar himself. He believes in delivering world-class content that not only entertains but provides an enriching experience to the audience. 

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