•   Monday, 11 Dec, 2023
Abdul Jabbar Ahamed Rifas has bagged Asia's Outstanding Director Award

Abdul Jabbar Ahamed Rifas has bagged Asia's Outstanding Director Award

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My involvement in the general and professional education sector has been an amazing journey. In my years of excellence, I have founded four organizations: European Nations Campus, ENC Education, International Education & Business Campus, and IEBC Visa Global. My initiation of these institutions has bridged the gap in acquiring high-quality education for the lowest cost available in the country; helping students even in lower-income generating families to afford higher education and achieve the best.

I believe my development and transformation into this exemplary individual are mainly owing to my educational and professional credibilities. I gained my primary education and ventured into my higher education pathway by enrolling and graduating with a globally recognized Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration with First Class.

With the skillset gained from my degree, I have managed to broadened my education by excelling in three Post Graduate qualifications under the fields of Business Management, Strategic Management & Leadership, and Accounting & Finance. The knowledge I gained from these programs has helped me immensely to build up my companies gradually and take them to the next step.

Adding to the skillset, I have been working as a business consultant, thus contributing to the society and helping entrepreneurs to reach their full potential for more than a decade. I completed two Master programs from high-ranked universities where one was a full Master in Business Administration and the other was research-based. During my course of studies, I was recognized well among my colleagues for the outstanding academic and practical exposure I possessed. I continue to expand my academic and professional growth further and am currently reading for the final stage of my doctoral studies.

I strongly believe that one's work ethic and professionalism reflect one’s growth and perseverance. The leadership skills and consultancy skills have allowed many to be outstanding among others and rise in their respective fields. I am proud to be helpful and be able to uplift my employees to progress to their best selves. Throughout my career and my leadership, I have been recognized for excellent achievement in customer service, consultancy, human relations, and employee motivation. My leadership in the four organizations has paved the way to empower a large workforce, enabling them to be future leaders.

Additionally, I have worked as an International Relations Consultant for several popular universities worldwide. Moreover, I have been a part of many brought in recognized qualification providers from the UK which are UK Government-regulated awarding bodies as a Country Director, not only to Sri Lanka but also to other Asian regions. This connectedness has allowed many campuses and institutions in Sri Lanka to provide the best and most emerging education in the world.

While doing the consultancy, I also noticed that a vast majority are unable to achieve their dream of being among the best. In view of this, I have offered several scholarships and program pathways to over 1000+ students annually.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Asia Awards and World Research Congress. I am honoured to have been validated and recognized for my hard work and commitment to the betterment of my country, Sri Lanka.

I express my heartfelt delight to all that enabled me to achieve this goal. Thank you  Asia Awards for motivating me to continue having the highest level of dedication in this job. The biggest honors go to my fellow team in my companies since they have enabled me to achieve this. Once again I thank Asia Awards, World Congress Awards, and the United Research Council for this award.

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